Are you a Control Freak and often feel anxious?

Are you a ‘Control Freak’ AND do you often feel anxious? Anxiety comes with the territory of needing to control everything and everyone in our lives and the chances are, that you’ve probably not connected this trait with your feelings of stress and anxiety. Here’s the deal:  When we think that our anxiety or stress is caused by Continue reading »

Self Confidence – 6 Tips to Boost it!

Anyone can learn self confidence, it comes from deciding to like yourself, no matter what! Stand up straight! Body and mind are one: how you feel affects how you hold yourself, how you hold yourself affects how you feel. And how you feel, affects your confidence! Listen to you! Focus on what you think is Continue reading »

Panic Attacks and How to Control Them

Panic Attacks are Scary, but…. Panic attacks are frightening, but they are not dangerous or harmful. You can sometimes feel like you’re having a heart attack or going to feint or even die! But you are not. Understand that these are natural body sensations of our ‘fight or flight’ response, they are just exaggerated. Do Continue reading »

Is anxiety ruling you rather than the other way round?

Are you anxious? We all suffer to a greater or lesser extent, it’s part of our primitive protection mechanism. But is anxiety ruling you rather than the other way round? The number one tool I always teach my clients who see me for anxiety related conditions, is ‘ratio breathing’. It’s a tool that cuts anxiety Continue reading »

Oh to have a crystal ball, pessimists don’t despair!

We never know for sure how things will turn out in life and if you’re a pessimist, you’ll be pretty certain it won’t be good! Maybe you’re the classic pessimist- if you expect the worst and then it doesn’t happen, that’s great. But if the worst does actually happen, you will then have the satisfaction Continue reading »

Fear of Failure

Did you know that the fear of failure is the single greatest obstacle to success? The experience of the fear of failure is in the words and thoughts of “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “No one will take me seriously!” In the body, we feel it starting at the solar plexus and moving up Continue reading »

Does Hypnosis Help With Weight Loss?

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that hypnosis is effective in achieving weight loss. Some are reported here: The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology stated: “…weight loss reported in the five studies indicates that hypnosis can more than double the effects” of traditional weight loss approaches. The International Journal of Eating Disorders reported: “Hypnosis is Continue reading »

Festive Season Weight Loss Tips to help you stay on Track!

The festive season brings with it many challenges to our weight loss goals and general self-care.  The biggest self-sabotaging behavior is mindless eating, which nearly always leads to overeating.  As this is something you will want to avoid as best you can, here are some festive tips to stay on track with your weight loss: Continue reading »

Multi-tasking, going against the brain..

Multi-tasking doesn’t work and may actually harm us! It’s so easy to feel busy without actually being productive. We ‘play’ with our kids whilst updating our status. We ‘work’ on a project whilst looking at emails and social media. So, what’s wrong with this? Though it seems efficient to do lots of different things all Continue reading »

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