Success Stories

Some success stories from my clients..



“I had no qualms or reservations about undertaking a number of sessions, but inevitably there are always questions as to the extent of any real benefits that might result. I needn’t have worried.

My issue was public speaking and, just after the end of the sessions, I had an opportunity to put into practice what I’d learned through the various sessions. I felt like I was facing the gallows, but the whole thing went like a dream – gosh was I relieved. Finally, I had some control over my nerves!

Each session was extremely relaxing, usually involved learning something new, and usually surprising, but always immediately helpful in my day to day life. After my sessions, I feel thrilled that I have a range of tools and techniques that I know help and can easily put into practice. What’s better is that I now know, really know, that they work when I most need them. Success at last!

Thank you.”

J. G. Lewes


“I had a series of sessions with Linda in the Autumn to tackle weight loss. The sessions were not only relaxing but more importantly they made me aware of bad habits and turned them around to create new healthier, positive habits. Through hypnotherapy, linda showed me how to tune into positive thinking and ways to create a permanent healthy lifestyle. I was given constructive advice on diet and nutrition and exercise. I have to say that the most impressive thing that i gained from the session was a positive outlook after years of yo yo dieting. I am steadily not only losing weight but improving health issues such as high blood pressure and anxiety attacks. I’d recommend Inflow Hypnotherapy to anyone who is starting the new year with goals that may seem overwhelming or difficult to achieve.”

L.L. Chailey


“I was struggling with anxiety and dysfunctional breathing before I saw Linda. Treatment was relaxing and has helped me with coping mechanisms especially with breathing techniques and trying to change my thought processes to prevent a panic attack.

She also taught me of the importance of relaxation techniques and how important this is to keep working on. I am practicing as an on-going process, which has been really helpful and I am not having regular attacks any more. I would highly recommend Linda.”

S.M. Seaford


“..Had a fantastic session over Skype today to help me with my anxiety. I find the tools Linda gives me so helpful and feel thoroughly relaxed after a session. Thank you!”

H.D. Warwickshire


“My anxiety was ruining my social life and affecting my promotion prospects at work. I just didn’t feel like I was good enough and would never speak up for myself. After some treatment sessions with Linda, I am feeling so much better. I’ve now got an inner confidence in myself that I never thought I could ever have! Even my friends and family have noticed a change in me. I am so much more relaxed and enjoying life more, thank you.”

C.C. Lewes


“I just wanted to say thank you Linda, for inspiring and motivating me to achieve my ideal body shape. I am so pleased my shape is better than it has been for years, I feel fitter and more confident both with and without clothes! The realisation that no matter how old you are, you can have a really good body shape, is a revelation. I really appreciate everything you have done for me whilst I was on the Think Slim Be Slim programme with you. Finally getting to my target weight is just brilliant!”

C.M. Saltdean

“I had been struggling with low self esteem and anxiety for a long time, it was starting to effect every aspect of my life so I decided to finally do something about it. I had stopped wanting to go out, spent a lot of time worrying and over thinking. I was very nervous but Linda put me at ease straight away, she created a safe environment which made me feel very calm.

I was surprised at how quickly I felt comfortable and could open up about very private aspects of my life. Linda was very good at making me question when and why I was feeling the way I did, making me quickly realise the negatives and positives in my life. She gave me some excellent tools to use when I begin to feel the anxiety creeping in! The hypno- therapy we did was amazing, really boosted my self esteem and I found it very relaxing.

I feel so much better I wish I had done this sooner, Its so nice to hear friends and family telling me that I am back to my old self! I have more energy, I am loosing weight and sleeping much better.I think my anxiety will always be a part of me but with the exercises we did together I feel I can control it and not let it effect my life and that I am good enough!

I cant thank Linda enough for how she has helped me, and I would definitely recommend her.

Emily, Lewes

During the Covd19 lockdown, I will be running remote sessions over Zoom only. When restrictions ease, in person sessions at my office will resume, in addition to Zoom sessions.

Thank you.

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