Is anxiety ruling you rather than the other way round?

Are you anxious?

We all suffer to a greater or lesser extent, it’s part of our primitive protection mechanism. But is anxiety ruling you rather than the other way round?

The number one tool I always teach my clients who see me for anxiety related conditions, is ‘ratio breathing’. It’s a tool that cuts anxiety off at the source. How great is that?

The first trigger for anxiety is quicker, shallower breathing. This cascades all the other anxiety symptoms. So, by controlling breathing you control all the other anxiety symptoms as well.

If you purposely breathe out longer than you breathe in, your body has to calm down (regardless of what tricks your imagination is playing on you). It’s hardwired into your nervous system. There is just no way round it for your body.

So, if you’re feeling anxious or stressed:


Focus on your breath:

Take a slow breath in (to the count of 7 in your mind):

Then slowly breathe out (to the count of 11 in your mind):

If you do this for a minute or so, you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ve calmed down.

We call this ‘7/11 breathing’ but the numbers are up to you, just as long as the out-breath is longer than the in-breath and it is slow and controlled. 

Here’s to your calm in 2018!

During the Covd19 lockdown, I will be running remote sessions over Zoom only. When restrictions ease, in person sessions at my office will resume, in addition to Zoom sessions.

Thank you.

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