Weight Loss


Weight loss can be a be a real battle of wills against yourself. This is why mind-set is so important if you are to succeed. Does this sound like you?

weight lossAre you struggling to get back in shape or finding it hard to maintain your weight?

Do you keep trying diet after diet, only to go back to your old eating habits and put all the weight you have struggled to lose back on again?

Do you need support to achieve your ideal weight and finally stay there?

Think Slim, Be Slim weight loss coaching programme

Think Slim Be Slim has been designed to deal with all your sabotaging habits, emotional eating patterns, hidden triggers to unhealthy eating, cravings and resistance to exercise. It is designed to support whatever eating plan you are on.

What’s Involved? A bespoke 6 session programme over 8 weeks (of approx. 1-1.5 hours each, the first session will be 1.5-2 hours). This is designed to get you off to a good start and within this time to start to change your mindset and ingrain new habits going forward.

Fee: £395  

Includes written resources, hypnosis recordings and nutritional advice if necessary. Contact me for a chat if you want to find out more.

A lot more than 1.5 stones to lose?

I recommend you sign up to my full 6 month weight loss coaching programme to ensure ongoing support and accountability. This will also include email support in between sessions.

Weeks 1-4 – weekly sessions

Month 2 – fortnightly

Months 3-6 – monthly

Fee: £595

weight loss goal






In your Think Slim Be Slim Hypnotherapy/NLP coaching sessions we will:

  1. Create a CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION for your ideal weight and how to get you there. We will set goals and direction, breaking them down into achievable steps.
  2. Uncover your HIDDEN CHALLENGES that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts or stopping you from maintaining your ideal weight. We will uncover hidden triggers, emotional eating patterns, habits, cravings and unconscious eating. Then we’ll deal with them.
  3. MASTER YOUR PSYCHOLOGY to create a more positive and confident mind-set, dealing with your fears, doubts and worries so they no longer dominate your thinking.
  4. IMPROVE YOUR ENVIRONMENT so that you can succeed more easily and be supported by those around you. We will look at creating a more positive environment where you’re not having to use will power all the time around food.
  5. UPGRADING YOUR ‘SKILLS’ around food and exercise so that you are fully competent in what food you should be eating, how much, how to cook healthily, eat out healthily, the best type of exercise for you and how often.

You will be stopping your sabotaging habits and poor eating behaviour through hypnosis at each session. I will also provide you with some self hypnosis MP3s to listen to at home to keep up the momentum.

So, what have you got to lose?weight loss apple