Multi-tasking, going against the brain..

Multi-tasking doesn’t work and may actually harm us!


It’s so easy to feel busy without actually being productive. We ‘play’ with our kids whilst updating our status. We ‘work’ on a project whilst looking at emails and social media. So, what’s wrong with this?
Though it seems efficient to do lots of different things all at once, a 2013 study (1) shows that “high cognitive load” severely damages performance.

And another study (2) says that increasing the number of things we’re focusing on all at once, creates an attention ‘bottleneck’ which blocks us from being able to make decisions, be creative and focus on the important stuff.

And that’s not all!

More recent research (3) found that constant multi-tasking appears to be shrinking areas of the brain associated with cognitive and emotional control.

So as everyone becoming more and more scattered, the ability to focus means you are going to stand out from the crowd.

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