Self Confidence – 6 Tips to Boost it!

Self Confidence

Anyone can learn self confidence, it comes from deciding to like yourself, no matter what!

  1. Stand up straight! Body and mind are one: how you feel affects how you hold yourself, how you hold yourself affects how you feel. And how you feel, affects your confidence!
  2. Listen to you! Focus on what you think is best for you, not on what others think.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different and you are learning and growing all the time, so do a ‘self to self’ comparison instead.
  4. Accept your weaknesses. We all have them! Perfection is impossible and not as lovable.
  5. Boost your strengths. Find ways to use and grow your strengths, it is a good opportunity to grow and get some successes.
  6. Spend more time with people who make you feel good, rather than those who don’t.

                                     So what are you going to do to boost your confidence?

During the Covd19 lockdown, I will be running remote sessions over Zoom only. When restrictions ease, in person sessions at my office will resume, in addition to Zoom sessions.

Thank you.

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