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A Warm Welcome To Inflow Hypnotherapy Where I Will Help You To Change Your Life.

Hello, I’m Linda Deacon, Clinical Hypnotherapist.Photo Of Linda Deacon Clinical Hypnotherapist owner of Inflow Hypnotherapy

As a solutions-focussed integrated Hypnotherapist, qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with over 8 years in my field, I’ve helped many people just like you become better versions of themselves.

I help you to overcome behaviours, habits, feelings and thoughts  that are holding you back from the life you want and deserve. Each hypnotherapy session is tailored specifically to your situation. With compassion, respect and privacy, we can work together to achieve the outcome or goal that is best for you.

Being ‘solutions focussed’ means that whilst we need an understanding of your story, we will be focussing on the future towards your desired outcome. We will not constantly be looking back at why you are where you are now. We may however do some regression work to uncover the root cause of your problem if this is not consciously known.

How can Inflow Hypnotherapy help you?

It is very common for the following issues to play a major role in preventing people from living the life they truly deserve. If this sounds like you, then I can help! contact me


Using a combination of NLP coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and CBT, changes can happen naturally and long standing problems can often be overcome surprisingly quickly! This means you don’t usually need that many sessions to be feeling much better and finally be free of your problem.

Testimonial how Inflow Hypnotherapy helped cure Hair Pulling

Some common conditions that respond well to Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT:


low self-esteem 

low self-confidence

anxiety, panic attacks and trauma

phobias and fears


compulsive behaviours (hair pulling, nail biting, skin picking)

chronic physical pain


low mood

unwanted habits

interview and exam nerves

and more….call me to see if I can help.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Having a passionate life-long interest in health and nutrition (also holding qualifications in nutritional therapy, massage and aromatherapy), I specialise in Weight Loss Coaching.

My personalised Think Slim, Be Slim weight loss programme, addresses emotional and habitual eating patterns. This changes your mind-set around food, drink and exercise. And when your mind-set changes, you will find it easier to lose weight permanently. No more yo yo dieting.

Maintaining your ideal weight in the long term is not only healthier, but means you can live your life without constantly being on a diet or thinking about ‘needing’ to go on one. Just imagine feeling fabulous every day without all that struggle!

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Are you really and finally ready stop smoking? Do you want to regain your health, improve your bank balance and free yourself from the grip of those cigarettes?

Just imagine the hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds you’ll have in your bank at the end of every year, that otherwise would have gone up in smoke! What could you spend that money on?

If you are ready, the Breathe Quit-Smoking Technique Advanced Hypnosis and NLP programme is for you!

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy the easy way, in only one session using this unique method pioneered in Australia.

Just imagine the freedom with no cravings, no willpower needed, no weight gain, no feelings of “something” missing. And all with a Support Guarantee, so that you always remain a non smoker.

InFlow Hypnotherapy Location Linda Deacon Owner of Inflow Hypnotherapy

I now primarily work with clients over Zoom video on-line, as this is an easy and secure way for clients to access therapy, saving on time and travel.

Since Covid, most of my clients have received hypnotherapy online, appreciating how much easier it is to relax in their own surroundings and be receptive to hypnosis.  Please be assured that sessions on line are perfectly safe and just as effective, providing we follow the protocol I discuss with you at the start of the hypnotherapy session. You have your eyes closed most of the time, so being in my office or at home is no different.

All you need is a secure internet connection,  a laptop, tablet or smart phone and preferably earbuds or headphones, though these not essential. You do not need a Zoom account.

Woman wearing Headphones for online Hypnotherapy

However, should you be local and prefer in-person sessions, these can be arranged. Practising from my quiet therapy room near Lewes, Uckfield, Haywards Heath and Brighton, I will welcome you to a cosy and private space where you can feel at ease. Feeling more relaxed when you leave is guaranteed.

There is also free and easy parking on my road.

Professional Registrations

Registered with the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council) and The Hypnotherapy Association, I abide by their codes of ethics.  I am also professionally insured.

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