Oh to have a crystal ball, pessimists don’t despair!

We never know for sure how things will turn out in life and if you’re a pessimist, you’ll be pretty certain it won’t be good!

Maybe you’re the classic pessimist- if you expect the worst and then it doesn’t happen, that’s great. But if the worst does actually happen, you will then have the satisfaction of being right in the first place, so nothing’s lost.

Perhaps you just think you are unlucky. It’s all out of your control…

By having the mindset that nothing ever goes right for you, research has shown that this actually increases the number of negative outcomes in your life.

Professor Richard Wiseman (1), a University of Hertfordshire psychologist has discovered why ‘unlucky’ people who always expect the worst have a tough time and why ‘lucky’ people, who always expect a positive outcome, get more out of life.

He discovered that so called ‘lucky’ people create their own good luck through 4 basic principles:

  1. They are able to create or notice chance opportunities
  2. They create positive self fulfilling prophesies through positive expectations
  3. They make ‘lucky’ decisions by listening to their intuition or ‘gut feeling’
  4. They have a resiliant attitude to life, that transforms ‘bad luck’ into good, they can turn things around

Through his research, he showed that pessimists consistently miss positive opportunities, even when they are staring them in the face. It is like they have blinkers on to good opportunities or they just tune them out. Their perception of the world is robbing them of opportunties that are plain obvious to the optimist!

Thank goodness, it is just your view of the world as a pessimist that goes against you. Because no matter what life influences and experiences have moulded you into a pessimist, it is still possible to cultivate an optimistic outlook and learn how to expect a better and more positive life experience.

Through hypnosis and NLP, you can overcome negative learned behaviour and change your mindset. You will be able to start to take your blinkers off and open your eyes to opportunities around you for a more fulfilling and dare I say it, exciting life!

  1. http://www.richardwiseman.com/resources/The_Luck_Factor.pdf

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