Stop Smoking for Life!

Congratulations! Why congratulations? Because you’ve found this page which means that you have probably decided to stop smoking.

Everyone has the ability to stop smoking, and it is much more easily achieved by enrolling on a programme like this. I’m not going to tell you that this is the best and easiest way to stop – I’m going to let you find that out for yourself!

There are many products and therapies on the market, all offering to help you kick the habit, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the most effective.

Our confidence is built on proven success and you can stop smoking no matter:

How much you smoke

How long you have been smoking,

And how many times you have tried to stop.

quit smoking


  • Overcome the addiction, both chemical and psychological.
  • Stop smoking without gaining weight.
  • Stop yourself slipping back into smoking.
  • Develop a belief in your ongoing success.
  • Feel really good to be a NON SMOKER.

The trouble with traditional aversion therapy/hypnotherapy is that it tries to scare you into stopping.

We know that doesn’t really work. After all, governments have been using this approach for a very long time without much success. It just leaves you as a smoker who is stopping themselves from smoking. This is an uncomfortable position to be in, constantly battling with cravings.

What we really need, is for you to truly become a non smoker.

To feel it is more natural to be a non smoker than a smoker. This is a much more effortless place to be and this is where my Stop Smoking For Life! programme will take you.

The great success of this programme is due in no small part to the refining and development that has taken place over the years and following a programme of:

  1. preparing your mind
  2. changing your mind about smoking.

If you are ready to Stop Smoking for Life!, contact me to arrange an initial free no obligation 20 minute consultation either in person, over the telephone or via Skype.

If you are ready, I can then book you in for your first induction appointment.

Following this, you will spend a week or so preparing your mind following my instructions and then come back for your stop smoking hypnosis session. This will be the day when you will become a non smoker!

A final session will then be booked for 1-2 weeks later, but if you then find that you do not require this, then it is fine to cancel it.

Written resources are also provided along with an MP3 self hypnosis recording you can use at home.

not smoking

Please note: Because whether to smoke or not is your personal choice, I do not offer a money back guarantee. Refunds are only given in the unlikely event that we are unable to complete your session.

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